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Man do I hate hands.

At least it’s one of those things that’s hard for everyone, right? Don’t all artists hate hands? They’re brutal.

I’m still working through the Wendy Froud DVD, and she’s definitely improving my work a ton. But every once in a while she speeds through something insanely difficult like it’s a cakewalk and it kills me. Like, she’s all, “So then you just make some fingers, and ta-da! You’re done.” Not all of us worked on Labyrinth, Wendy. How do I make fingers? Because I’m pretty sure you don’t just shove five little worms on the end of a ball like I did.

The other challenge is working with such a relatively small amount of Sculpey, because it warms in my hands until it’s too soft to be sculpt-able. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.